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Introducing high-tech multi-media projectors for business and home theater systems

Introducing high-tech multi-media projectors for business and home theater systems

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From the first ‘Magic Lamp’ of the late 1600’s, slide projectors have evolved to become an important source of communication.

Throughout history the art of technology and communication have defined the culture of the West. The humble beginnings of the projector began with painted images and still photographs.

Projectors have an important place in history, its growth having led to the first moving pictures of the late 19th century and soon to television.

These resources have allowed the world to share greater information relating to culture, technology, medicine and community.

A mere century after the first projector was invented, new projection technologies have led us to the entertainment matrix we live in today.

What are Projectors?

Forget what you know about 8mm and 16mm projectors. They are now a thing of the past, as they’ve been replaced by superior machines.

New advances in image information have made compact LCD projector machines available for classrooms and boardrooms.

Today, you can shop for a home theater projector , home entertainment or professional projectors that project electronic information, images and interactive graphics.

Using a digital or analog signal, we can utilize any data source for projection, including:

  • VCR
  • DVD
  • Computer

This technology enables classroom teachers and business executives to communicate easily with large groups and be more creative with their information material.

Projectors have also enhanced personal home entertainment systems, allowing for a sharp and vibrant picture quality.

How do they work?

Projectors function via an electric signal much the same way remote controls, TV and radios do.

The source of the signal can be analog or digital, and will depend on the application used. For instance, most video projectors are now run on digital signals.

When the LCD projector receives a signal, it’s processed into a digital signal. Many analog projectors are becoming a thing of the past, since they must ultimately be converted to digital.

Once the signal is digitized, the original image forms and is projected onto a screen.

There are currently two types of projection technologies used to create digitized images:

  • Liquid-Crystal Display (LCD)
  • Digital Light Processing (DLP)

LCD technology has allowed for more intricate color projection. Its dichroic mirrors separate color wave lengths, filtering the light image through polysilicon panels.

Now activated by the pixel process, the LCD digital signal is now projected as a true-to-life image.

The DLP process varies from LCD in the process of the digital signal. Light passes through a color wheel, which ultimately reflects off of something called a DMD chip. This chip utilizes 1,310,000 moving mirrors to create high resolution images.

DLP technology is new on the market and allows mini-projectors to be used virtually anywhere.

When you go online to shop for LCD Projectors , you will come across a language you may not be familiar with.

A quick run down on many different technologies used in modern projectors include Hertz, Horizontal Scan Rate, Iris, BriteOptic, RGB, and Colorview.

Each technology has been created by leading manufacturer sources, to bring you better sound, color spectrum and lighting for all your images.

Shop Around

With so many projectors available online, you may wonder where to start looking! First, identify what you need a projector for and where you will use it. Now. if cost is a factor and you just cant wait until you have all the money, don't forget that you can always use credit to buy your projector. I collect Air miles and I'm a little impartial to the American Express Cards, and if you are living in Canada you can apply for your Canadian American Express card at In the USA we recommend the Chase Travel Visa card.

Projectors can be ceiling mounted, portable and micro-sized. The most important features of an LCD projector machine include:

  • Resolution
  • Brightness
  • Zoom focus
  • Quality lenses
  • Display technology

To determine the best image resolution and brightness, check out the projector's ANSI lumen rating.

Also, remember to look at the size and weight of a projector, as well as the source of data output.

Quality Digital Projectors should provide great picture technology with automatic sensors for correcting contrast and resolution.

For professional use, it’s important to find a projector that allows for quick and easy setup.

Popular Brands

There are many manufacturers of multi-media projector machines. A few of the top brand names include Cambridge, Sony, Sanyo, and Pentium.

Also try trusted sources like Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Canon and BenQ.

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